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suhlSteve Uhl

Thanks for testing.
Re your suggestions…..

1-I’d prefer to see a timeline above the flowchart to track both activity and its timeline at the same time.
* Understood, am working on at least an option for organizing things with timeline shown on bubble chart

2- Would be easier for user to put all project’s risk in a log then allocate the risk to activity from the list .
* Likely to add an import feature to bring in a list of project risks from excel, and then you point them to what they impact.

3- Is it possible to show the graph in 2D or 3D and open multiple graphs in one phage ?
* Not right now; certainly 3D graph options would be quite easy to add so will look into that. I’ll check re multiple graphs – shouldn’t be too hard to do just have to figure out priority level

4- Good to add ability to import from Ms project or P6
* Working right now on Export to P6. Import — can be a little more complicated because deciding how to treat the numerous calendar and other options in p6 that are beyond Actarra scope. Would not be hard to add importing the basic activities and links, so this is under evaluation….